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Yibin Tianchi (including pool, outside pool), also known as Dianchi Lake, Limbo pool, Lake, is one of the city's oldest attractions, dating back more than twelve hundred years of history. It features a natural pond, a wide range of water blue ripples, scenery Alice, has always been loved by the people. With the advancement of urban construction and development of human society, Tianchi as a tourist destination with a long history and culture, and has been far can not meet the people's growing material and cultural needs, "Tianchi night photos" of the resort, urgent need for further development and construction .

The formation of internal and external causes of Tianchi Tianchi
About Tianchi causes: different opinions, an argument is: the result of ancient Jinsha River diversion, the pool of the ancient river bed; another way of saying: the earthquake, the earth caused by the fall, said that in the last century, 60 years of a drainage Qingchi the bottom has been found rubble and cookers. According to historical records Tianchi Tianchi had no inside and outside of the points, but only after the founding of Sichuan Cloud Road construction will be divided into two one, so far in the future and only then should people in the north of Parker Road in Lion lake called Tianchi , but on the road to the lake should cypress Jinsha River south side called outer Tianchi, but this time the Tianchi Lake area is much larger than in the past, in the Tianchi area of approximately 300 acres just outside the Tianchi (now Tianchi Park) Only 167 acres of area.

Causes related Tianchi also spread a lot of folklore, one called "Lotus," the folk tales, widespread. Synopsis is: Tianchi next origin there is a rich man, with fertile hills, retainers, hundreds of permanent, life voluptuous, cruel character. In the north there is a lion in the foothills of farmers, because the rich tenant kinds of Land, enough to pay land rent and usury, was forced breakup. Home only one woman, were Xiao, was arrested and charge the rich slave debt. Lotus toiling all day in the rich family can not eat. See the rich side of the incident has Xiao, looks pretty as a flower, slim, heart desire of ill, Lotus but unwilling to do. Day rich man framed Lotus stole his family's jewelry, called Jia Ding Xiao's hand chopped off. Shashi, blustery, incredibly hard, a yellow dog ran into the courtyard rich man, the pain of Xiao lost consciousness on his back, and ran quickly ran ten miles away. Suddenly, the rich man's entire courtyard and Rebellion fall down. Soon, it appeared this pool of pool water pond quickly grown in many Ling charge. Originally, when Lotus was carnage arm out of the rich reflection to heaven, that immortal angry, sent a marching into Yeller down to earth, save Lotus, while punish the rich, put him into the eighth level of hell. Lotus's white arm immediately become a white lotus praised. This story was later adapted into opera and opera performances, popular with the masses.

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