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Taiwan still has traditional beliefs and Rebels Rebels temple.

Rebels existing palace is located in the city of Yibin city park avenger mountainside, from Taiwan Taoist (Rebels Rebels temple palace Taiwan) self-made myth classical novel "Gods" by the Rebels on the tomb was built in 1991, from, that is, after committing suicide Rebels, Mrs. Yin tomb to his mother, Nezha palace built in Cuipingshan built. Rebels palace to mix mud structure antique buildings, covers an area of over 1000 square meters. Mountain on the potential construction of the palace. Reasonable layout, modeling simple, brackets carved beams, verandahs wrap, cornices, ding Peak. There are traces of St. Paul fairy palace, Prince Edward Temple, us cross-legged style statues, vivid, lifelike. Enlightening Taoist carved above the portal Li Jing gift of exquisite pagoda relief. In the top of the hill above the palace also has a master Rebels temple too real, too real a plastic statues. Strait through joint research, identification Cuipingshan Rebels Rebels palace of China's only (Third Prince) Temple, each year in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots, this homage to their ancestors and an endless stream of overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia. 1998 Rebels palace was invited to visit Taiwan, the Third Prince gilded around the island for six months, highlighting the Temple position. Rebels zhenjun Kawakita had Lianhua Temple, there are "meritorious push all the power, long life thousands of life insurance" and linking, plaque book "perseverance, can attack to defend" holding bow and arrow like floods.

Nazha, a Chinese folklore cute little hero. He may be small, ability large, hand-held heaven and earth ring, foot Hot Wheels, daring knife foot flames, dragons downtown sea system. Straight to the human cause and, most vividly, very touching, full of joy not only to children, but also for all adults applauded.

So, what Nazha born where? His hometown where is it? The answer is that we Yibin.

This is not the space to wind yo! Many facts prove, hear the author detailed road.

First, when King Wu, Bo was one assist in Monkey. Bo people of short stature, Tarawa, as the story was supposed to be reasonable. Second, many Yibin relics can be funded participation certificates, such as gold Taibaijinxing practice holes, Nazha also body Tianchi, father of chentang off guard, and what Dragon Stone, Prince Edward Stone, Nezha Temple. Third, the very rich folklore. For example, "Nazha Dragon", "Nazha also body", "mountain practice" and so on, from generation to generation, so far without a break.

Rebels are off Bing Li Jing Shang Dynasty chentang third son, Kim Sa, Sa Wood's brother, is the child reincarnation Ling Zhu. Mrs. Yin three months pregnant mother, gave birth to a meat ball. Li Jing thought it was a monster, split it with a sword, which the baby is the Rebels. Later fairy door Taiyizhenren congratulate his close followers, named "us." Rebels once dabble in the East China Sea and the East China Sea Dragon King's three sons Ao prop conflict, not only to kill, but also pumping his belt to give as a LONG Li Jing.

East China Sea Dragon King Temple to the present, but also in the Proudly door was his beat, he also grabbed four, fifty scales, bloody, find any. Chuangxia this "absolutely Daughter households" disaster, he does not care, but also an understatement to say that was due to "temporary impatient." When universal Dragon King Ao Guang, Qin Ao, Ao leap, Ao Shun Emperor Sonata quasi jointly condemn the couple to come and collect Li Jing, the Rebels said: "The 'one person acting as a person,' I killed Ao C, Li Gen, me for life , anything hurt the parents of the reason the child! "in order not to tired parents, his arm laparotomy, intestinal evisceration Eviscerate, but also to their parents. His piety moved the dragon, Li Jing couple also therefore be forgiven.

Dragon to chentang off punitive expedition, in order not to hurt their parents, us three Prince flesh also female, Eviscerate is also the parent, committed suicide on the spot. But Li Jing not always understanding, his soul continues to unjustified persecution. This makes the Rebels could not tolerate. Then, us three Prince being obstructed his father Li Jing, under circumstances not of resurrection, Taiyizhenren Rebels with Lotus Lotus to build a new body. Rebels rebirth co-bloomer crusade against the King Zhou. With high strength and martial arts and magic (Hot Wheels, heaven and earth ring, mixed day Aya) repeatedly set outstanding service. But also because it is the incarnation of Lotus while the virus can infect humans immunity.

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